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Home Staging Course for Beginners

The perfect introduction to the world of home staging.
With a certificate included!

Take this course if you're ready to:


Use your creativity

You get the opportunity to flex your creative muscles by staging a property yourself online. Great fun if you're up for the challenge!


Explore another side of yourself 

Maybe you're at a point in your life where you need to do something new and fresh and exciting. We invite you to explore that side of yourself through this course. 

What's included:

approx 3 hours
3 months to do course
7 modules & videos
105 slides
5 practical exercises
17 page workbook

Course Modules

Module 01

 Introduction to Home Staging


Let's get started! In this module, you'll discover what characteristics a home stager needs, and whether you fit the bill. You'll also learn what home staging is, why it's needed and see a home stager in action. 

Module 03

Buying inventory


Hmm! What to buy, what not to buy? As stagers, there are specific things we look for in furniture. Through four practical exercises, you will discover the best (and worst) types of furniture to buy.

Module 05

Case study: Practising staging a living and dining room


It's your chance to shine! You get to practise staging a vacant living and dining room (on paper). In this way, you'll apply everything you've learned in the previous modules. 

Module 07

The business side of Home Staging


At this point, you might be thinking of starting a home staging business, right? To help you get started, this module covers the essentials of marketing and admin.

Module 02

Staging a property


Using multiple Before and After examples of real staging projects, we discuss how you, as a stager, can deal with different aspects of staging a property.​

Module 04

Case study of a staged apartment


This module shows you a visual step by step transition of a modern apartment from from vacant to beautifully staged. You will learn what elements you need to be aware of when staging.​

Module 06

Staging ideas


In this module, I share with you my staging of the living and dining room. I discuss my rationale for my design, and give you lots of staging tips.​ 


Yours on completion of the course

Beginners Course Certificate_edited.jpg

Once you've completed all the modules, you will receive the Certificate of Completion. Well done!

What people say


The course was a very good introduction to home staging. I loved the  practical exercises and the thought process of inventory, transport and practicalities.


The course met my expectations. I especially liked the modules on choosing furniture for staging.


For me, the last module about the Business of home staging was the best.


The course was straightforward and easy to understand. I can't wait to do the Professional Home Staging course.

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