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Add that shaggy rug

Bare floors, bare walls, a cold kitchen and a lack of colour. That's what you'd be trying to market to buyers if the home in this photo was empty.

But here it is with this gorgeous couch, cosy cushions and shaggy rug. Throw in a few small ornaments, a pretty vase, and a little greenery, and you've got a desirable property.

People who see this home online will imagine themselves living in it. See themselves sitting on the couch, perhaps with the fire roaring, listening to music, their kids lying on the shaggy rug, reading a book (or scrolling on an iPad, more likely). They'll see themselves in the kitchen, wearing an apron, baking a divine apple pie.

They can see the apple pie!

You can have this look in the lounge, along with a charming dining area, cosy winter bedroom, herbs and fruit in the kitchen and fluffy towels in the bathrooms for as little as R20 000 (for a small home). That's for a whole month of Sundays (and all the days inbetween :)).

Think about about immediate sales. Call me and let me lead you through the home staging process. Because I think by adding a fab swing chair right there, Mr and Mrs Jones may just sign immediately.

Here's to happy home sales


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