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9 reasons why empty homes don’t sell

Do you have a property that's empty and not getting offers? Here's a few reasons why:

Reason 1: Less buyer traffic

Buyers skip over empty homes online. That’s because they’re looking at architecture, not lifestyle. If there’s another home in a similar price bracket with similar accommodation, that’s the one they’ll look at. Less online traffic means fewer enquiries and less foot traffic.

Reason 2: Boring, no emotional connection

People are buying homes, and lifestyles – not four walls and a driveway. They need to “feel” they would be happy in this home. With no sensory input, there’s no way to make an emotional connection. Like this apartment below that looks like a white box.

​Reason 3: Can’t visualise their furnishings in the house

Only 10% of people can visualise a home. That means 90% can’t. Nine of ten online browsers will skip over your home and never make it to the show day. Buyers can’t imagine if their king size bed will fit, where to hang their art, if the lounge is big enough for their couch.

Reason 4: Empty homes appear smaller

An empty room actually looks smaller than in it is. That’s because there are no reference points. If there’s no dining room table, buyers can’t imagine whether their 8-seater will fit.

Reason 5: Buyers spot the negatives

Furnishings hide blemishes… and every home has them, even new ones. When there’s nothing to distract the eye, the buyer will finely spot that tiny crack in the paint, or the imperfect grouting. That’s because they’re viewing the house as a piece of workmanship, not as a home to live in.

Reason 6: No kerb appeal

Again, it goes to personality. A home must say “hello!” from the beginning, and that means the outside. No flowers, plants, chairs… it’s just a shell.

Reason 7: Price seems unrelated to the home

Buyers look at many factors when deciding what the property is worth to them. Location is one factor. Size, accommodation and extra elements like a swimming pool are another. Presentation is another.

Reason 8: Buyers think there’s something wrong

Although there are many reasons why someone might sell or rent an empty home, potential buyers don’t know what they are. They tend to assume that there’s something wrong and the seller is desperate. This is especially true if it is listed with multiple agents. No one wants to buy the wallflower at the ball!

Reason 9: Flipped homes are seen as “money grabbing”

The most expensively renovated properties should sell faster – right? Wrong! Buyers are suspicious of property flippers. They perceive them as having bought “cheap” in order to make a huge profit. Therefore, they don’t believe that the price is related to the home, even if the finishes are top class. That’s because when a property is empty, it has no emotional triggers for the buyer.

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