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Does home staging work?

It's amazing how unrealistic sellers are about our properties and what we can "get" for them. I include myself here.

So our homes sit and sit on the market, getting staler daily, less and less desirable, attracting fewer and fewer viewers... until eventually that humiliating sign on the internet saying "PRICE REDUCED" pops up and our biggest asset is now being advertised for a couple of hundred thousand less, and everything screams out "DESPERATE SELLER"!

All is not lost!

That's often the moment when I'm called in to help get it sold by home staging it. Whether the home is empty or people are living there, my job is to make it look the best it possibly can to attract buyers.

Here are my 2022 Stats for Vacant Properties. They're pretty similar to previous years, even a bit higher :)

Let the stats speak

These stats are not luck. It's years of home staging experience of knowing what attracts buyers.

The result: once an empty house is staged, it is transformed. The new photos show a happy, warm and coherent home, which says "buy me". The buyer who glossed over it online when it was empty, now stops, considers, and is hooked!


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