Does home staging work?

It's amazing how unrealistic sellers are about our properties and what we can "get" for them. I include myself here.

So our homes sit and sit on the market, getting staler daily, less and less desirable, attracting fewer and fewer viewers... until eventually that humiliating sign on the internet saying "PRICE REDUCED" pops up and our biggest asset is now being advertised for a couple of hundred thousand less, and everything screams out "DESPERATE SELLER"!

That's often when I'm called in to help. Either the home is empty or it is so 'diabolical' as one agent put it, that no one will buy it.

All is not lost.

Staging after your home has been languishing on the market does work. Two Cape Town properties I recently staged after being for sale for three months empty with absolutely no interest, sold within six weeks of being staged.

The reason: once an empty house is staged, it is transformed. The new photos show a happy, warm and coherent home, which says "buy me". The buyer who glossed over it online when it was empty, now stops, considers, and hooked in. And even better, the buyer comes to the show day.


The savvy seller will stage before they list. And the savvy agent will advise this. I recently staged an occupied home in the upper R6 millions. The seller had staged another property before, and sold immediately, and so believed in the concept. She called me in; we re-styled her home to give each room a purpose, re-arrange the furnishing to show off the spaces fully, and brought in some warm accessories.

Two days' work, some investment... and a happy seller. She got an offer within a few weeks of listing. Her home looked immaculate and charming. She could not have done this herself. Firstly, her field of expertise is unrelated; secondly, she is not objective about her home.

For the quickest sale at the best price, call in a professional home stager.