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How to attract more buyers to your show day

Potential buyers coming to see your home on show days doesn't just happen. You need to put some work and thought and investment into making it happen. These two small changes are a great return on investment:


The first impression is everything. Make that first glance impressive. Present a clean, smart, looked after garden and fresh paint colours.

Bad soil? Add tons of bark mulch.

Don't like gardening? Put in succulents. They can pretty much look after themselves.

Not sure what colours to paint? Consult a home stager or your local paint shop.




Make sure that buyers are greeted by something warm, welcoming and interesting to look at when they walk in that front door.

It can be a vase with flowers, a beautiful painting, a mirror, a plant... anything that speak of hearth and home.



Just focussing on the front and entrance makes all the difference to a buyer's first impression. In fact, it's often the difference between buy/no buy.

If you're not sure what to do and you live in Cape Town, send me a mail for a consultation.

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