Before and Afters: A little Victorian

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

No, buyers can't "see past" the dated furniture, multicoloured walls, beige paint, neglected garden... It's a bit like asking a woman meeting a guy for the first time to "see past" his big belly, unshaven face, dirty clothes and bad attitude. No can do.

Here are some Before and After photos I think you'll enjoy.

Old Victorian

This property had been on the market for a few months while the tenant was living there. The photos on the left were what buyers saw on the internet for a few months. There was no interest at all.

The tenant loved her own decor, as most of us do in the homes we live in. But her style was not going to attract younger buyers, which the property was crying out for. We need to stage it to appeal to the right buyer.

Fortunately the agent, Grant Holton of Keller Williams, and the seller called me in. Within a week of the tenant moving out, we had staged it: modern, clean, uncluttered, with light colours, greenery and a feel that said "home".

It SOLD three weeks later. Enough said.

Liesa xx