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5 reasons to stage your home with Liesa Jossel of Home Stagers Cape Town

I’m passionate about ensuring the homes I stage sell fast. When you stage your property with me, you know you’re getting one of the most experienced, savvy and successful stagers in Cape Town.

Here are 5 reasons why you should home stage with me and Home Stagers Cape Town:

1. The Midas Touch

People say I have the Midas touch. I have the ability to intuit what buyers want in a particular home. I can immediately see what your property needs, whether it’s empty or you’re living there, whether it's big, small, luxury or standard… I’ve got a fantastic range of furniture, art and decorative items. My properties sell fast – many within a day, and for the asking price.

Here’s my latest sale. Staged on Thursday, sold on Monday. (It had been empty for several months and only got one very low offer before I staged it).

2. Experience counts

I was one of the early home stagers in Cape Town. Staging started off slow and has steadily increased. I now have several repeat clients and three successful years under my belt. I've worked with a range of homes and apartments. I've even staged offices and a retirement home.

If you were a home stager, what would you do here to attract buyers?

3. Cost competitive

My services are cost competitive. I may not be the cheapest on the market, because you get what you pay for, including great sofas and expertise. My quotes are accurate, on point and fair. I run training courses in home staging so I've always got my finger on the pulse of what's reasonable to charge.

4. Seamless process

Whether you're wanting to stage an empty property or restyle the home you're in, I offer you a seamless process from start to finish. Many clients ask me to oversee the whole staging process, which often includes landscaping and painting. No fuss, no mess, only a good sale.

5. Committed

I'm committed to your fast sale. After all, my business reputation depends on it. I attend to each consultation or home staging personally.

You can contact me here.


Tel: 084 843 2426

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