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Are home stagers in demand in South Africa?

Home staging used to be only an American thing. There are few people who do not stage their home before selling unless they are not in a rush to sell. Then it took off in Australia, grew in popularity in Australia and New Zealand, and now in South Africa, it’s on the rise.

The other day a well-known estate agency asked my home staging business, Home Stagers Cape Town, to become part an integral of their team. I was flattered, not just because of the offer, but because I felt immensely proud of the work I've done to put home staging on the South African property market map.

How have South Africans learned about home staging?

Home staging is one of those careers that hit the international stage in a big way over the last few years. Articles have been written about home staging in women’s and decor magazines, print and online. There have been a ton of reality television shows about luxury homes, home development and home improvement that include home staging. Many people are hooked on those makeover programmes.

And estate agents have learned about home staging and how beneficial it can be.

Home staging webinars

I’ve also been invited to give presentations to many large estate agencies, some nationally. Next month I'm hosting a webinar for a real estate management platform and this is also going to get South African home staging on the map in a huge way. I’m delighted to say in the poll asking agents if they’d be interested in attending a home staging webinar, the response was 100%.

Home staging successes

My own stats of staging in Cape Town over the last few years show that 85% of staged properties sell within 30 days, and of that 30% sell immediately. That’s the best advertisement for staging.

There is a need for home stagers in South Africa. The property market is highly competitive. So if you’re wondering if there will be work for you as a home stager, the answer is yes.

At this point I have trained over 100 home stagers in South Africa, and we need a whole bunch more.

Come join us here.

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