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Behind the scenes of a home staging

Home stagers generally post the After photos of our stagings. The property now looks like a desirable home.

Potential sellers and even agents don't know how much work goes on behind the scenes of a home staging. Here's one example Home Stagers Cape Town completed recently.

Paint paint paint

The first thing to do is paint. We want buyers to engage all their senses when they see a property - and a fresh smelling home is subtly seductive.

Also, paint dates. I recently advised a seller to paint his banana yellow house white. Banana yellow, like greige and beige and sand, are old-fashioned. When your prospective buyers are likely to be young people, you have to meet their expectations. Banana yellow won't cut it - and didn't in this seller's case, as he did not take my advice and his property stayed on the market much longer than it could have.

In this double volume room, we painted over the greige with a very pale grey/white, and touched up the opposite feature wall.

Give each space a purpose

Buyers are thinking about how much they are paying per square metre. So, if there's a space that doesn't seem very useful, that's a negative.

This property had a very ugly "laundry" area which faces the kitchen directly. This space is what you see when you are cooking or eating at the kitchen table.

We made it a delightful courtyard!

Lots of thought

Apart from the physical side of transporting and decorating a property, stagers put a lot of thought into making it THE ONE buyers desire.

Send me photos of your empty property for a quote on staging it. I'll get back to you ASAP.


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