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What do you want to know about Home Staging?

Many people who are considering home staging as a career ask the same questions.

I’m going to list a few of these questions and the answers, to the best of my ability.

Is there a need for home staging in South Africa?

In the same way there is a need for home staging all over the world, there is a need for home staging in South Africa. The property market is a competitive one and the better a home looks, the faster it will sell and the higher price it will achieve.

Would I have to buy my own furniture as a home stager?

So this depends. I have been staging for a few years now so I have a good collection of furniture, rugs, lampshades, decorative items and art. When I started I sometimes used own furnishings and accessories from my own house. Many stagers do this. You can slowly build up a collection, you can use your own or you can rent.

It also depends on whether you want to stage empty properties or properties where people are living.

I've found this sectional sofa to be incredibly useful in my staging.

Where would I rent furniture and accessories from, for home staging?

There are some furniture rental places in the big cities of South Africa, especially in Johannesburg and Cape Town, where staging has really taken off. My course gives you ideas of where to find rental furniture and what to buy.

How do I market myself as a home stager?

Marketing yourself is a crucial element of any business. It's all about social media, newsletters, email, and face-to-face visits with real estate agents, property developers or sellers. You need to be very active but marketing does not have to be expensive.

A custom T-shirt with your business's name is a great way market yourself!

Must I train to become a home stager?

It’s always better to do a home stager training course. This way you learn how to stage homes (including great shortcuts), how to structure the pricing, how to formalise contracts, the best way to market, how to work with other home stagers, networking and more!

Must I train with a certified home stager?

It’s a good idea! Doing a proper home staging course gives you credibility with the sellers, estate agents and any future customers. Apart from learning everything there is to know about home staging, you can network, have access to good resources, and keep learning! My home staging courses are excellent and accredited! I would love you to sign up.

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