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Home Staging Services


Vacant Staging

Even if a property has good bones or beautiful architectural details, it is hard to feel a connection to an empty space.


Buyers buy with their eyes and hearts. Getting that initial wow reaction from buyers online is half the battle won. Gorgeous photos attract buyers to make enquiries, which leads to footsteps... and offers.

Sellers sometimes wonder if they can afford to stage. The better question might be: can you afford not to? Think about holding costs - mortgage, insurance, house and garden maintenance, rates and taxes, alarms... And then think about the emotional stress of not selling. Not to mention the overexposure your property faces after a few months. And the inevitable "Price reduced".


Staged properties sell 3x faster. And often for more. Yes, it's an investment. One with an excellent return on investment.

I quote each property based on a factors such as:

  • Size of rooms to be staged - larger rooms mean bigger and more furnishings and accessories.

  • Number of rooms to be staged. Typically, the main areas buyers are interested in are the principal bedroom, living and dining areas, entrance, kitchen and bathrooms. However, it may make sense to stage other areas we want to highlight, such as the patio.

  • Price range of property influences the style of furnishings.

  • Distance from Cape Town CBD influences transport costs.

  • Number of assistants required to wrap, load, unload, style, and then do it all again on collection.

  • Time to install a property (at least 6 hours for a small property) and remove the furnishings on collection.

Harbour House 2nd bedroom.jpg

Occupied Staging Consultations

Are you living in the home you want to sell? This option is for you.

Most people have trouble detaching emotionally from our homes and seeing them through a buyer's eyes. Once you put your home on the market for sale or rent, it becomes a product that's competing with other products for attention.  It's no longer your home; it's a house.


The problem is that pretty much none of us live in a staged home. I don't, for sure. We live the way we love. But selling is different story. We must take into account the general buyers' aspirations and desires, and try to win them over. 


In the course of approximately an hour, we go through each space in your home, analysing it from a buyer's point of view. I promise you it's not painful. In fact, we will laugh a lot as we work.  The result will be a product that competes or even outshines similar products in your area and price range, and becomes the one that buyers want.


Small property: from R1000* Medium property: from R1750 Large property: from R2500*

*There may be a small surcharge if you are more than 20kms out of Cape Town

You may record the consultation or take notes. We will also write up the recommendations if you prefer (Cost: R1000).

If you can't face making the changes yourself, I come in with my team and rearrange and reorganise your house for you.

Staging for developments 

A great option for developers is to contract me to decorate your units with permanent furniture.


If you're a developer or a real estate agent with several units to sell, it makes sense to buy furniture for a show unit. That way you can move it to another unit if that one sells. It's also possible that a buyer will want to buy the unit furnished.


A cost effective way of doing this is to engage a home stager with a large inventory, like me. I use a combination of my own inventory, pre-loved gorgeous pieces and new items to create dream show units. It's much more affordable than using the services of an interior decorator, plus you get my experience of what buyers are looking for.


Staging for Airbnbs 

The short-term let market in Cape Town is highly competitive. The property that looks the best, offers the most comforts and gets the best reviews will be the one with the highest occupancy.


If you're an Airbnb owner, I challenge you to scroll through similar properties to yours on the Airbnb site. How does yours compare in presentation? Does it look awesome? Or just functional? 

If you're looking for high occupancy at good rates, it's worth investing in making your property competitive. I use a combination of my own inventory, pre-loved gorgeous pieces and new items to create stunning Airbnb rentals. 

Let's work together

  • Please fill in the contact me form.

  • Mail or WhatsApp me the URL of the property if it's on the market or any photos you have.

  • Include other useful information, such as the size of the property, suburb in Cape Town and approximate selling price.

  • You can also send me a plan if you have one.

  • I use the photos to assess the size and style of the property. I'll call or email you for more info.

  • I then work on a quote which gives you a frank assessment of the property's potential highlights and drawbacks, competitors, and staging options.

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