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How does the home staging process work?

If you've heard about home staging and want to know more about the process, this blog takes you through the A-Z.

  • The first step is to get in touch with me through my website or mail me on My "contact me" form asks you to send me photos of the property or the URL if it's already on the market. A simple floor plan also helps, if you have one.

  • I'll call you or write to get a bit of background on the property. It helps me to know things like if it's been on the market before; any highlights; the kind of price range you're thinking of...

  • I use the photos and our chat to give a quote. I can tell from the photos what style the house is, the size of the rooms and the amount and kind of furnishings it needs. The quote is very detailed. It includes my observations about the property, the target market, the areas I recommend we stage. I include a breakdown of the furniture you can expect. I also provide a template of the staging agreement so there are no surprises at the end.

  • The agreement is less than a page and covers the date, the length of the staging contract, payment terms, the cost as well as issues like household insurance.

  • After you accept the quote, we meet on site for a walk through and to take measurements. Finally, we set a date for staging.

  • SOME FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How long do you stage for? For smaller properties with a price tag under R7 million, the minimum contract is 30 days. I might recommend a 45 or 60 day staging period for more expensive properties.

  • What are the payment terms? Full payment 14 days before the intended staging date. This gives me time to prepare and source for your particular house. No two properties are the same.

  • What if the property sells before the contract ends? When you sell before the end of the contract period, this means the staging did its job! Time for celebrations so no refund. If the sale is pretty much tied up I will come and collect the items before the contract ends. For example, in a case where there are no conditions, the deposit is paid and the buyer is prequalified or paying cash.

  • What about insurance?

If you're considering selling, contact me to chat about the potential of staging.


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