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How much does it cost to Home Stage an Empty Property?

There are a lot of variables that go into home staging an empty property. It's not a one size fits all situation, which is why I don't have a price list. I quote each property on its own merits, usually after seeing photos and if possible, the plans.

These give me an idea of the size, style and needs of the property. Here are some factors I consider when quoting:

Size of property

The bigger the property, the more furniture it will need. It may also need larger furniture. Large furniture and many pieces add to the transport and labour costs obviously.

Number of areas staged

Home stagers typically don't stage all the rooms in a property, especially if it's a low to average priced home. Apart from the living and dining areas, the kitchen and entrance, we usually stage only the main bedroom, as that's an important room for the buyer! (The children's rooms less so.)

Patios are usually not included either in an average stage, so they would be an optional extra for the seller. I like to stage them if it's a highlight.

Transport and labour

To stage a small property takes at least one truck and two men and takes a day. Larger properties may take two trucks, three men and up to three days - there's more furniture, bigger furniture, larger art, more plants etc.

I've been working with pretty much the same team since I started staging in 2017. They are expert packers and wrappers and know how to move furniture safely.

Home stagers also factor in ease of access to the property. Carrying beds and tables up to the seventh floor because the elevator is too small for these items, for example, will add a cost to the staging.

Style and price range of property

I stage all my properties modern - no hand me downs from my granny! Everything is chosen to reflect an aspirational look and feel for the potential buyer. More luxurious properties will require more high end furnishings than an average priced cottage.


Professional, fully accredited home stagers provide much more than mere furniture rental. We know what makes a buyer's heart jump for joy; we are experts in how to place furnishings for maximum effect; how much is too much and how to make less more. We study the principles and techniques that make properties sell fast.

Length of staging

I typically stage for between 30 and 45 days. Luxury properties usually take a little longer to sell (fewer buyers in general and possibly longer delays in getting mortgages), so I recommend staging those for 60 days minimum.

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